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August 13 2017

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u know when ur growing out of phases and mindsets but u haven’t found where exactly ur shift in identity is going yet? that’s tonight’s mood

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August 12 2017

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There’s nothing more intimate in life than simply being understood.
Brad Meltzer, The Inner Circle
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August 10 2017

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August 06 2017

August 05 2017

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August 04 2017

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August 03 2017

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August 01 2017


dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son

Addiction is tricky.
For example: A man who quit smoking for 11 years stood in an elevator with another man smoking a cigarette. He gave in.

What I’m trying to say is I think I love you again.

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Can you believe it…? — I’m beginning to feel drawn to the sea by a kind of morbid curiosity, — so as to be convinced of my own instability.
Marina Tsvetaeva, in a letter to Boris Pasternak, from Letters Summer 1926: Pasternak, Tsvetaeva, Rilke (via echymosis)
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